Monday, February 23, 2015

What's in Your Cart Linky: Hero Sale!!!

Hey everyone!  It's that time again, one of the best times of the year :0) I'm linking up with Jenna, from Speech Room News to show you what's in my cart for the upcoming TpT sale.

Here's a peek:

1. The Speech Owl's No Print Spring Time Fun: Expressive and Receptive Language looks fabulous! I purchased her No Print Snowman Language during the last sale and it was amazing, so I know this product will be too! It's no prep AND no print, plus it's highly motivating since we get to use the iPad- yay!

2. Pam Dahm's Fast Pace Race Articulation Challenge for TH looks like a super fun activity and I know many of my students will love it! I love that it targets words, phrases, and sentences, anddd it's a highly motivating game! It will definitely put a nice spin on articulation therapy :) 

3. Speech is Sweet has a new set that I can't wait to scoop up! A Dab of Speech and Language for the Year is perfect for my students because they'll get to use bingo daubers and also perfect for me since it's no prep! Plus, it targets a variety of areas and is great for mixed groups. LOVE! 

4. Listening Skills Resource Pack for Speech Therapy and Classrooms by Jenn Alcorn is just what many of my students need! This will be a great resource to help teach them these skills.

As for some of my products, here's a look at what's new in my store:

This interactive book targets pronouns both receptively and expressively. My students who are working on this goal have made great progress with the help of this book!

This no prep pack targets a variety of language goals. I LOVE no prep, so it's perfect for my busy schedule, mixed groups, and to send home for homework.

This bundle contains no prep articulation coloring sheets and targets a variety of early and later developing sounds. It also pairs well with my Spring Language Pack (above) for mixed groups. 

Thanks for stopping by! Make sure you head on over to Speech Room News to look at some other carts filled with tons of fabulous activities! :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Quick Tip Tuesday Linky

Hey there!! Today I'm linking up with Kim, from School SLP to give you a couple quick tips that I use in my therapy room.

1. I use a binder with tabbed folders to hold all my student's data sheets. I use one tabbed folder for each student.  In my opinion, it has been SO MUCH EASIER than using regular manila folders. I just slip each data sheet in between the folders, almost like a file (vs. actually putting it in the folder each and every time I take it out or put it back). When the data sheet is full, I THEN put it in the actual folder part. I spent the first month of the school year putting all the data sheets in the actual folder and taking them out, and then I realized I didn't have to- just slip them in! Easy peasy!!

2. I use a small washcloth as a white board eraser.  Since I don't have an eraser in my room, I just brought in a clean washcloth, and it works much better than the actual erasers for some reason!  You can just take it home after awhile to wash it.  My students and I were using tissue after tissue erasing our boards, so I finally decided to try something else! It works great :)

I hope these tips can help you out! Make sure to check out Kim's linky (if you haven't already) to get some other great ideas. Happy Tuesday :)