Sunday, January 18, 2015

Interactive Book of Pronouns!

This has FINALLY happened!  I finished the book that I've been working on for two WHOLE months :) :) I am so extremely excited about this pronoun book- it's going to be very helpful to many kiddos on my caseload. I have always needed something to help teach and work on pronouns, both receptively and expressively and this is now my go-to.  It's been tested by my students over the past couple of weeks and they've really enjoyed using it. I have seen more progress toward this goal in the past few sessions with this book, then I have all year- YAY!!

Here is what's included in the book: it addresses the following pronouns: she, he, they, his, hers, him, her, them, their, and theirs. The majority of the book is comprised of receptive tasks to target pronouns. However, I also included activities to work on this goal expressively. There are sentence strips which can be used with any of the pictures (student has to state a sentence using a pronoun), as well as sentence pages (student has to write a sentence about each picture using a pronoun). The entire book is 46 pages in length which means tons and TONS of pronoun practice (this number does not include the additional picture pages)!! Many of the sample pictures included below have multiple pages to use to target different pronouns (with different pictures of course!).

The first page in the book is a teaching and reference page for students to have. When I use the book, I take this out of the binder and use it for the students to refer to if they need additional help.

There are many different pages that look like the one above and below, which are pointing tasks. Or, you could spice things up by using a dry erase marker and have the student circle the correct picture. :)

In the picture above, the student has to place a star on the correct pronoun (there are lots of these pages included in the book!). 

On pages like the one above, students choose from several pictures to place next to the correct sentence. (Pictures are below).

There are several pages where the student has to put the correct word (pronoun) in front of the sentence. (Words below).

At the end of the book, a variety pages are included for students to write sentences using pronouns that they've learned. I've also included optional word banks to place on the sentence pages (shown below), if the student needs a little extra help with forming a sentence. These can be removed if the student does not need them.

And finally, there are four sentence strips to use with any of the kid pictures. Place a picture on the square and have the student complete the sentence. 

I made a quick video explaining the set up and use of the book:

You can find this interactive book in my TpT shop HERE. Please let me know if you have any questions about it! 

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