Saturday, October 18, 2014

Print and Go Articulation Packs!

Hi friends!  I have three new Fall and Halloween themed NO PREP articulation packs in my TpT store!! I am so excited about these- I love print and go activities :)

The first includes sounds t, d, f, v, k and g.  There are 10 words per page and two pages each of sounds in the initial, medial and final positions for a total of 60 words per sound.  Here's a quick preview:

The second includes sounds: sh, ch, j, th, l, s, z, pre-vocalic r, vocalic r, and s, r, l blends. There are 2 pages each of initial, medial and final word positions (with 10 words per page) for all sounds with the exception of z and vocalic r. There are 6 vocalic r sheets- 1 page of each: ire, ear, ar, or, er, air. For z, there is 1 page each per sound position. Here's a quick preview:

And finally, these packs are included in a bundle (and are more than 20% off if you purchase this way!) 

Happy Weekend! 

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