Saturday, September 27, 2014

Room on the Broom Book Companion

I have finally finished my book companion to go along with one of my favorite Halloween books, called Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson.  I've had this book since grad school (awhile now!) and use it every year at this time.  If you haven't seen the book before, it's about a clumsy witch who loses different possessions along her way.  As she searches for each lost item, a new animal appears that helps the witch find her belongings. The animals then tag along with her on the broom. As each animal makes room on the broom, it causes more tension and the broom eventually breaks causing even more problems for the witch.  In the end, the witch whips up a spell to create a fabulous new broom for herself and her new friends. :)

Here's a glimpse at the book companion. It targets vocabulary, wh questions, 1-2 step directions, naming described objects, categories, articulation, prepositions, and story retell. It's great for pre-k through 5th grade depending on the student's level. You can find my book companion on Teachers Pay Teachers here.

Happy Halloween!

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