Sunday, January 4, 2015

Top Board Games of 2014

Today, I'm linking up with Kristin, from Simply Speech to talk about my favorite board games that I used in therapy over the past year. These are the games that my kiddos love the most!

1. Don't Wake Daddy- this game gets requested ALL the time in my speech room. The kiddos love the suspense of when dad will pop up!

Don't Wake Daddy
2. Guess Who? - this is another all-time favorite. I LOVE to use this game because it involves talking/asking questions and you can adapt it to target many different goals.

Hasbro 05801 Guess Who

3. Ned's Head- this game is disgusting, but that's what makes it fun!  It's a great game to stick articulation cards or language cards in with the objects. I'll have my students choose a card out of the head first, and then choose an object for the game. It works perfectly!

4. Jumpin' Monkeys- An oldie, but a goodie!  I love that I can choose how many monkeys the students get. We'll take this game out during the last few minutes of therapy, and I'll give everyone 3 monkeys- it's quick and fun!
Jumpin Monkeys

5. Topple - My older students always choose this game (on days when we actually get to play a quick game!) This is another one where I can choose how many pieces (or turns) a student can have. I'll give each student 5 pieces at the end of the session, and we'll play until everyone's out!  That's usually when time's up anyways :) 
Topple Game

Head on over to Simply Speech to get some other great game ideas!

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